“Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream”

26 03 2012

I ordered David Platt’s book on my Kindle, hoping to be challenged in my walk with Christ. He makes his case against materialism and the disconnect we often have with people in other parts of the world who struggle to survive. He is a strong defender of the poor and zealous advocate for the advancement of the Gospel. He rightly condemns the believer living lavishly in this world instead of a simple, modest, and humble lifestyle-just like Jesus.

I take issue on a number of things. First of all, I am an American and am not ashamed of my nationalism and heritage. I believe the Bible bears this out (see my post on nationalism). I felt him putting me on a guilt trip because I live in a land of plenty. Secondly, not all Americans live a lifestyle of luxury. Many believers I know choose to live below their means to do more for the cause of Christ. He makes the case for not giving more to help the poor, to which I say “thank you, I needed that”. But then he gives an example of going door to door in a poor neighborhood giving away his clothes, furniture, and money to those who say they needed it. Are you serious? Color me skeptical, but I believe he could have supported someone’s crack habit. Next, he claims to be the nation’s youngest mega church pastor. It must come with a lot of perks because he is always flying off to different parts of the world. Most of us can’t afford to fly anywhere.

In my opinion, his best chapters are the first and the last. They are well worth the read and makes me feel that I did not waste my money. (Maybe I should have given my money to the poor instead of buying his book!). He has three other “Radical” books in this series but I will not be getting to them.




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