Person-hood of the Stillborn

24 03 2012

My precious granddaughter whose heart stopped 22 weeks into my daughter’s pregnancy will live forever. She is made in the image of God. But here on this side of heaven, we must be proactive in maintaining the person-hood of that baby. In nearly all circumstances the hospital will treat the remains with dignity. But after the delivery of the early term stillborn or the late-term miscarriage (under 20 weeks) this wonderfully made baby may be discarded with medical waste such as removed organs or tumors. If the hospital has the remains buried (like in many Catholic hospitals), It will be with others in an unmarked grave.

I went to a funeral home and they were a huge help! They will pick up your precious baby at the hospital and have it cremated without cost. You could bury the cremains on top of another family member at the cost determined by the cemetery. The person-hood of the baby in is maintained and when any relative would pay respects to this eternal soul, they will have an earthly place to go. Check it out, it may save you future grief.




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