A Deranged Soldier…

17 03 2012

A deranged soldier, a needless slaughter, a call for justice. While we are grateful for the hundreds and thousands of soldiers who would sacrifice everything to let freedom ring, we are truly shocked by the inexcusable massacre committed by one. We can blame many things, but at the end of the day, he is accountable for his horrendous actions.

Can we look beyond the front page and see hurting people who need our true sympathy? There are innocent victims who lost children, or spouses, or parents, or friends. There are 2 children who looked up to their daddy as a hero, and now he is the world’s greatest villain. A wife that had waited patiently four separate times for her soldier to come back from deployment. The men in his unit who now have a target on their back. Let us not forget to show compassion in this lose-lose situation. Let us pray instead of pointing the finger of blame




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