16 03 2012

Baptism is for kids…right? I mean, it is their introduction into the Christian faith…right? I mean, it is where we get godparents…isn’t it? For some it is necessary to get to Heaven, for others it is necessary to get into the membership of the church. Some view it as a nice religious thing and all that, but just not for them. So what is the big deal? The only place to find answers is the Bible.

Matthew 3:8 is the first mention, speaking about (surprise!) John the Baptist. He had what was called a “Baptism of Repentance”. Even Jesus was baptized later in that chapter, He did not have sin so why should He repent? He actually changed the dynamic of Baptism as well as emphasized its importance. Baptism does not picture what we put away but what we put on.

Let me share briefly what the Bible says about Baptism.
1.It is an initial act of obedience. Matthew 28:19
2.It is an acceptance of the Trinity. Matthew 28:19
3.It is the first step to discipleship. Matthew 28:19
4.It is an outward testimony of an inward decision. Galatians 3:27
5.It is an identification with the new life we have in Christ. Romans 6:3-4

It really is a big deal, for adults and children. Actually, it is the only thing that we could do exactly like Jesus (minus the Jordan River!). So go ahead and take the “plunge”.




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