Charis Military Ministry

15 03 2012

Today is the one week anniversary of this ministry of helps to the Military Reservist.  It’s inception has been a vision of mine for 10 years.  After 9/11, I tried to reenlist as a Chaplain thinking that through my experience I would be able to inspire hope and offer wisdom to our young men and women in uniform. My age prohibited the reenlistment.  I was asked by a friend to attend an Army FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting .  These brave spouses , children, and parents had just bid farewell to their soldier mobilized to go to Afghanistan.  I became a “volunteer chaplain” to this group, a privilege that changed my life.  I felt their pain, caught their tears, and discerned their needs. My calling would not be on the field of battle, but with those left behind.  I found that maintaining the morale of the family would boost the morale of the deployed soldier.  After deployment I found that needs were still many.  PTSD issues, broken marriages, financial difficulties, inability to reintegrate to the new life as a “civilian warrior”, finding someone who would understand.

Charis (Grace) Military Ministry (CMM) will attempt to work with local Reserve Commanders in order to meet the needs of their families.  Our uniformed chaplains are swamped to the point of overload and are not able to properly care for the Reservist’s families.  I want to work beside the chaplain and with the FRG to network people within the local community and the needs of anonymous Reservists (security is a big issue).  There is a disconnect between the Reserve Units and the general public who wants to support them.  May God bless this vision.  May His Grace be ministered to those who need it the most.






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