“War and the Soul”

3 09 2010

Sometimes I like to read opinions that differ from my own, just to learn what is out there. Since I work with soldiers and their families, I figured that the audio book, “War and the Soul” (Healing our nation’s veterans from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), would be helpful in such a ministry. Author Edward Tick, Ph.D., articulates his view of war and its relation with the human psyche. He is well versed in Mythology. I believe he is sincere in his wish to help soldiers (and their loved ones) who have seen humanity at its absolute worst and now have to live with it. I find issue in his assessment that faith in Jehovah (or any other “war-god”), is one of the main reasons that we have war. I disagree with his premise that all war is avoidable if nations would just learn to understand one another and have a high degree of tolerance for one another. I can not go along with the notion that America is the world’s bully and that the American soldier is a gun-sligging cowboy. I object to the insinuation that Vietnam Vets were baby butchers, even if it was (he believes), already ingrained inside of them by the Army. I can not conclude with him that Veterans Day needs scraped for a more logical “World Peace” day. Those are just a few of my objections. On the other hand, his view of war being much too romanticized, is intriguing and worthy of consideration. The concept of PTSD being an identity disorder is helpful for those desiring to find a degree of normalcy after the trauma of war. Section three focuses on the real help that could be given to those suffering from PTSD. If you could make it through all the radicalism, it is a good reward. Would I recommend the book? Sure, I would recommend it to those who want to read an articulate viewpoint of the far left, just to find out what’s out there.




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