“The Shadow and Night”

3 09 2010

The sub-title of this novel by Chris Walley is, “the Lamb among the stars”. It is a Christian fantasy that is projected 10’s of 1000’s of years into the future. It takes place on the planet Farholme, at the end of human civilization. A good vs. evil scenario as evil invades a previously untarnished world, and is fought by the story’s humble hero, Merral D’Avanos. It reminds me of Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy. It is an entertaining read but perhaps confusing in its eschatology (study of future events). It is a world ruled by a Christian Assembly; a world where the forces of good won out over the forces of evil, and ushered in an era of unprecedented peace. There is no Rapture, no Tribulation, no Second Coming, and no New Heaven and New Earth. One must read it as fiction with a Christian foundation, not as a sourcebook of Christian Doctrine. I would recommend it as a good read. I might even read Part 2 of this trilogy.




One response

4 09 2010
Chris Walley

Hi Dave

I’m sorry you found the theology confusing. It’s actually pretty standard post-millennial Christianity plus spaceships. Oddly enough it was a fairly widespread view of end times by the Puritans and many of the Evangelical founding fathers of the US. I’d be really pleased if you read on the next couple of books; quite a lot more will be made clear!
With every blessing from across ‘the pond’


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