8 06 2010

I enjoy reading blogs. It is the real marketplace of ideas. Some are informative, some are boring, but there are many that could be defined as rage. It is their opinion trumping all others; I am okay with that even if I disagree with that opinion. Knowledge is more complete when I can handle the opposite point of view and their criticism of my mine. What I don’t get is the way many only want to disagree for the sake of being disagreeable. Perhaps the negativity is what gets good blogging numbers. The glass is not half empty or half full anymore, that is too simple. Now it is, “Why are you so critical of my glass?” “Mind your own glass, who made you my judge”? “They have more liquid in their glass and the comparison is ludicrous.” “Why only half, that is a stereotype.” “To make such a statement shows shallowness”. Give me a break. I guess it is easier to find fault than to just take things at face value. Let’s keep the glass half full.




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