7 06 2010

My son gave it to me for Christmas. I really did not know what to say because I didn’t know what it was. Download books? Space for 1500 books? Free books? It was tough to imagine, until I started using it. Mind you, I liked reading before Kindle, but now it became easier, cheaper, and more convenient. I have read a lot of freebies, along with some that I ordered and downloaded in like 30 seconds. The books that I have bought are greatly reduced. I haven’t been to Borders in months, yet my book output has doubled. I could preview a book before buying it, get a summary of its content, find other books by the same author, and retrieve any book in my electronic library in seconds. It has a free 3G network, so that I could check email or look something up on the internet, but it is not easy to get around. The adjustable print and easy to read screen ( no back-light ) is a plus in my bifocals opinion. The downside is not having that book on my shelf to let someone else read it. I have to buy the book for my wife because I don’t want to surrender the Kindle. Another downside is the need to restart the device when it gets “stuck” ( I still don’t know the terminology). I know it is pricey, but in the long run will save a ton of money for the average to avid reader. For an electronically challenged novice, it is not intimidating to use.




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