14 05 2010

This is another free download from Kindle; a pleasant surprise. Skye Jethani presents a picture of the modern church as being blindly overcome by a market mentality in its ministry of the gospel. He emphasizes the value of simplicity, imagination, silence,and the pursuit of Christ instead of comfort and familiarity. He gives a brutally honest critique of the church’s use of demographics, felt needs, and shallow externals. It is a thought-provoking look at who we are and what we are doing in representing the Savior to the world. The idea of a “media fast” intrigued me. The book was a little frustrating in not giving suggestions for overcoming the problems so plainly pointed out. At the end of the book, he admits being a victim to the commodity culture in the church, but sees no way to exit its power and influence. “Divine Commodity” will challenge the way “church” is being done in order to accommodate the culture.




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