27 03 2010

In Isaiah 36, an Assyrian Field Commander named Rabshake comes to the very gate of Jerusalem to negotiate an unconditional surrender of the city. He just got back from a gruelling 3 year war with Egypt and really did not want another battle, especially with a well fortified walled city. It was good strategy for him to intimidate, threaten, and then offer terms of surrender.
If Rabshake is like the enemy of our souls, perhaps he is not itching for a fight as much as we give him credit. Oh, he will take us on in a heartbeat, but would rather opt for an unconditional surrender. You see he knows that there is a strong chance that you will win; if you do lose, it will draw you closer to the Lord; besides, God could use the battle for good in many areas.
Satan’s strategy just may be to get you to surrender without a fight. He would rather you concede the fight because you are discouraged or demoralized, or overwhelmed with circumstances. If he could get you to focus on your own weakness or inability to endure a protracted battle and keep you from focusing on the power and strength of the Lord that is available to you, then he has us at his bargaining table, ready to give up the power we have in Christ.
When tempted to bow down to the devil’s offer of the world’s kingdoms in Matthew 4, Jesus fought back! We must follow His example and not yield one inch of our possession we have in Christ to him.




One response

4 04 2010
Betty Simcox

Wow,I like this !
Pastor you never cease to amaze me. I realize we surely are in a battle.
I know you will win the prize (“well done My good & faithful servant ” )
for you certainly Fight The Good Fight.
May our precious Lord continue to help you “be strong & of good courage” .

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