26 03 2010

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It’s a policy set up by the Clinton administration that permits gays in the military as long as they remain “in the closet” about their lifestyle. Is it time to change this policy? Too often the answer to that question is emotional and opinionated, but not studied. Perhaps we need to take a deep breath and think before jumping into a controversal move during war-time. What are the troops saying? Will it be a morale buster when we allow soldiers to openly express their affection to one another? Will it affect gays in a negative way? If many are reprimanded for their intolerant or ignorant treatment of openly gay soldiers, if we deny promotion or whatever, would there be an exodus of troops out of the service? I am a Volunteer Chaplain for an Army and an Airforce Reserve unit. Would I be pressured to compromise my Biblical beliefs for the sake of a vocal minority? Will I be challenged about it, even though I rarely even bring up the topic? When will we start having gay Chaplains that promoted their lifestyle in the name of Jesus? Will it be awkward for gay and straight to shower together? Will a straight soldier be hesitant about a bleeding gay soldier?
When we make Christian soldiers embrace such a policy,will they count it as compromise? Will it boomerang into fewer enlistments?
I am thankful for all of our brave and sacrificing gay soldiers in all branches of our military. Thank you for your service.
Some of our Gold Star mothers have given us their gay son or daughter in service to our country. Let’s tighten up the DADT policy, but it is not the time to change it. It’s not worth it to compromise our national security for the sake of an unstudied social experiment.




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