9 02 2010

In Proverbs 30:24-28, there are comparisons between the insect world and one small mammal with the character of man.  They are referred to as being “exceeding wise”.  We call them pests and seek to exterminate them.  The wise man, Agur, observes the smaller and weaker elements of creation to prove that nothing is useless or insignificant.  I’m sure that if we take a notebook, pencil, Bible, and open mind, we will find many wonders of nature that teach truth.  Agur focuses his observation of four little critters, beginning with the ant.

1. Ants
They may vary in size and species, but ants are workers.  Solomon advises in Proverbs 6:6: “go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise”.  People who shirk work or are lazy, need to go to a colony of ants.  Ever see an ant carry an item of food that seems 2 or 3 ties larger than it is?  It’s amazing!  Yet the sluggard (Solomon says) is dumber than a bug!  Ants are wise by nature, an instinct given to them by God. They “prepare their meat (food) in the summer,” because harsh weather will come.
LESSON – With good stewardship, we need to maintain a financial hedge for hard times.
It takes hard work and is done for the sake of the colony.  In the spiritual realm, we sometimes get so preoccupied with time that we neglect eternity.  Check out the story Jesus told in Luke 12:16-21.

2. Conies
There is lots of debate on the identity of these little critters.  In other scripture we find that thy chew the cud but do not have a divided hoof.  This leads many to believe that they are a part of the hare family.  Here and in Psalm 104:18, thy make their home in rocks.  They were feeble and found security in the strength of rocks.  They foresee danger and make provision before it arrives.
LESSON – We need to prepare ourselves ahead of time against the attack and temptation of the evil one.
We need to live day by day in the security of the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ.

3. Locusts
They come as a mighty army upon a land, yet have no commander-in-chief.  Unlike bees, they have no monarch.  You can- not kill the leader and stop their assault.  They come in swarms and cannot be stopped.  They are called in Joel 2:25, “God’s great army”.
LESSON – Unity; everything rises or falls on the strength of the swarm as a whole.

4. Spiders
Many have a fear and dread of spiders, yet they are one of the wonders of creation.  They spin a web that is mathematically amazing and then they wait and wait for its prey.  They are found in the poor man’s cottage but are also in the king’s palace!
LESSON – The value of ingenuity, patience, untiring labor, and perseverance.

1. Instinct is a credit to the Creator
Evolution did not hard wire instinct into all living creatures or they would die of extinction before that instinct would evolve.  Instinct demands a Master Programmer.

2. Nature gives demonstrations of God’s wisdom and character.
If we were bigger students of nature, we would find God’s fingerprint on the largest and smallest of creation.  Romans 1:20 says, “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are CLEARLY SEEN.”  We do not worship nature, but it is nature that gives testimony to God.

3. We should never view the small and weak as insignificant.
Nothing is insignificant in nature because the all-wise creator makes no mistakes: we just lack the wisdom to see it.  Among mankind, there may be diversity but not insignificance.  If I fail to see something in another person that would enrich my life, perhaps I do not know that person well enough.  If all are made in the image of God, how can I judge another human as insignificant?

4. We are to work hard and act wisely within the calling of God for our lives.
Every one of these critters here has a particular part in the mission given them by the Creator.  Every one of them performed their task to the utmost of their ability.  God has given each of us a particular mission in this life, we are to work hard and act wisely in fulfilling this mission.  This is not the time of rest; it is a time of work.  “The night cometh” (Jesus said in John 9:4), “when no man can work”.

Consider the ant, coney, locust, and spider.  Perhaps we need a little of what they all have.  Perhaps we really could gain wisdom from the little critters!




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