Mercy and Truth – Poem

12 06 2009

Mercy and Truth

Proverbs 3:3

In this world where black is grey and grey is dirty white.

It’s good to know the Word of God divides the wrong from right.

This truth we need to stand upon, the Word we must obey!

If no one else is doing it, from truth we must not stray!

And yet we need to clothe the truth in mercy and in love,

“Forgiveness” needs to be our theme, to please our God above.

Sure, others will not understand the stand for truth you take.

They’ll think you strange, and curse your name, and label you a “fake.”

Yet you still need to do what’s right, be firm, in spite their glare!

And then in mercy go to God, and breathe their name in prayer.

But when in dealing with our own we seem so hard and crude,

For one mistake by someone else, we villainize that dude!

Christlikeness is for all the saved, with mercy take this view,

For all of us have feet of clay, and stray from what it true.

When storms around are raging on, and truth is hard to do.

Please help me, Lord, to see your face and stand for what is true.

Yet let me see a storm-tossed saint who erred from what is right,

And rescue them by throwing out some mercy in their night.

It is so easy to condemn the one who’s not like us.

When truth is strong and right is right, we put up such a fuss.

And yet we look to Calvary, where Truth was crucified,

We see the love of God so clear – His mercy never died!

And ‘twas that mercy that found me when lost in sin and shame.

“Forgiven” – stamped upon my heart, He asks of me the same.

So, help me Lord, to stand for right.  At truth, I’ll set my stake.

Yet let me copy Your great heart, and mercy not forsake.

–Pastor Dave Luther




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