27 04 2009

I felt dry and locked into a lifestyle of rigidity and performance. The truth of the book, Transforming Grace, by Jerry Bridges set me free to once again stand in awe and wonder of our great God. Growing in grace became a reality and not just a concept. The author of the book asked to use this poem in his conferences and speaking engagements.

A cold wind blew and gripped the land

In still and frozen dearth.

Mid-winter’s snowfall blanketed

A dead and lifeless earth.

My life was like that winter’s blast before the grace of God,

Had quickened me to life anew destroying sin’s facade.

The Spring had sprung, the air was fresh, my life was free to grow.

To be like Christ was my new aim, with hope and heart aglow.

The work of God was such a joy, His Word a sword to use.

The blessed Holy Spirit moved, and taught me how to choose.

But then frustration entered in, stress gripped my world of peace.

The pressure to perform was great, and guilt would not release.

“Twas normal,” said an older saint, “Just bear that cross of stress,

“And keep on doing what is right, for God is sure to bless.”

I tried and tried and tried again to keep my life on track,

For pleasing God was my whole aim, to get His blessing back.

Just as a snow in springtime will cause all of growth to stop.

So also this cold walk with God was just a flesh forced flop.

But Lord, where is the springtime?

The growth, the life, I plea!

I know that this isn’t springtime

Is this Your will for me?

So Lord, bring back the springtime; the love that once was mine!

Reveal just what is missing, My will, I lose to Thine.

A thawing breeze swept through my heart as all at once I found,

The reason for my discontent was really quite profound!

For I was saved by grace through faith, erasing all my debt.

But when it came to pleasing God, I thought I’d live by sweat.

I tried to measure up to what it took to run the race,

Not thinking all I have from God had come by grace through faith.

This springtime thaw brought liberty, convincing me to trust;

Instead of trying to produce, a zeal that would not rust.

Yes, free to understand that God accepts me as a son,

And loves me not for what I do but what my Lord had done.

And free to serve the Lord in love, not at another’s pace.

Not chained to self-inflicted rules, but free to grow in grace.

By grace we’re saved, by grace we live, by grace we boldly pray.

By grace we sing, by grace we’re strong, by grace we all obey!




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