4 09 2008

His name means “Noble”. Jewish tradition has him as the husband of Miriam (Moses’ sister). His name is Hur. He was a man of wisdom and was seen as a leader in Israel (Exodus 24:13-14). He was of the tribe of Judah and his grandson was the architect of the tabernacle (Exodus 31:1-5). He only has one claim to fame that has been lauded by Bible students ever since. Hur helped Aaron in holding up the hands of Moses (Exodus 17:8-16).

Israel was attacked from behind by the Amalekites. Joshua was called upon to mount a counter attack. Moses ascended a hill to hold up the rod of God that was used when parting the Red Sea. This rod was a representation of the power and presence of God. When the rod was lifted, Joshua prevailed. When the rod was lowered, the Amalekites prevailed. Naturally, Moses tired. Aaron and Hur got a stone for Moses to sit upon then held up his hands until the battle was over.

Moses may have been the spiritual leader of these wilderness wandering Jews, but he could not get the job done without Aaron and Hur. Spiritual leaders still need people who are not critical of their weakness, but supportive. Hur could have said, “Give me that rod, I could do better job than that”. Aaron could have said, “Are you sure God still wants you to be our leader? If He did, He would give you strength”. They both decided, “Moses, you are weak but we are here to support you”. This is Hur’s only claim to fame.

What can we learn form this?
1. We need to do the little tasks well
There is a place for everyone in the plan of God, even if it seems insignificant. Sad be the case, many are AWOL from the place, so the work goes undone. Joshua could not win the battle on the plain without Moses on the hill. Moses could not fulfill his role without Aaron and Hur. Joshua could not fulfill his role without the soldiers fighting with him. Hur was a team player that did his little task well.

2. We need to support the hands of God’s man
We may not know much of Hur, but we see him in an able duty that all of us need to consider. Spiritual leaders may seem like pillars of strength, but they are human, often weak and need your help! Criticism comes easy, loyalty takes character.

How did God reward Hur? We don’t know, but He did give him a grandson who was spirit filled and greatly used by God. Perhaps that was his reward. Perhaps your grandchildren need you to be a Hur!




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4 10 2012
Wallace Scaife

Great lesons – Thanks

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