The Aroma Of Brokenness II

20 06 2008

I continue my post of Mary breaking an alabaster box of precious ointment and anointing the head and feet of Jesus. Many was a “Spikenard Christ”, unafraid to be broken in order to give honor to Christ. She was criticized by “Alabaster Christians”, concerned more about the waste than the worship.

Alabaster Christians.

  1. Worry about the cost of the sacrifice.

They counted the cost in Mark 14:4,5 and it was not even theirs to give! Alabaster Christians are walking ledger books, getting by as cheaply as they can while doing the work of God. They have their own definition of sacrifice so that they could keep their box looking good. They give as little as their conscience would allow and seldom volunteer.

  1. Keep their containers clean, yet unbroken.

All the apostles but one, were clean vessels. When it came to standing for Jesus, all those clean vessels ran. The broken vessel of Mary stood at the feet of Jesus as He died. Mary was broken, so it did not matter what others said, nor did it matter that she could be accused as a follower of Jesus.

  1. Make excuses when other containers are broken.

“If I had that kind of money to give, I would do it”. “If I hit the lottery, I would give half of it to the church”. God is more concerned about what you do now, with what He has given you. When you start making excuses, you are showing an unwillingness to be broken.

Spikenard Christians

  1. Give in spite of the criticism.

Whenever one arises above the status quo, they will be criticized. People will cynically judge their motives. More than likely, these critics are merely covering their own lack of devotion.

  1. Do not advertise their sacrifice

Mary did not explain her actions nor even defended herself when rebuked. Why should she, no one would understand except Jesus. Without being asked, Mary broke open her alabaster box in clear sight of all those calculating, critical, and narrow minds.

  1. Spread the sweetness of their devotion to others.

In John 12:3 we find that the smell of the spikenard filled the whole house. All got to partake of the sweet aroma of Mary’s brokenness. Whether praised by Jesus or condemned by Judas, all were influenced by her devotion. As a token of appreciation, Jesus guaranteed that this simple, sacrificial act, would influence people of all ages.

Salvation is more than receiving a treasure in earthen vessels, it is letting go of yourself so that our brokenness would give honor to Christ.




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