Why I disagree with the “Emergent Church”

18 02 2008

After a study of the basic premise of the Emergent Church movement, I will briefly give my objectives. Please read the previous post, which will define some of the positive characteristics. Without much commentary, let me mention a dozen disagreements. (This is based on the review of the book Emerging Hope by Jimmy Long and companion study Emerging Culture.)

1. To the average person, the labels are useless
a. Postmodernism
b. Paradigm shift
c. Missional
d. Meta-narrative
e. Micro-narrative

2. Those who adhere to it claim a superior knowledge
a. Thos who do not see it are in denial
b. Labels are given for the different stages of denial

3. Naming Paradigm shifts (an age or era) is the stuff of historians.

4. The phenomenon described is unique only to Western culture, in developed nations.

5. Human nature never changes, but a generation’s experience, exposure, and expression does change.

6. Preaching will always be a viable form of communicating God’s truth.

7. Monks in monasteries were not the agents of preserving truth in the ‘dark ages’.

8. We need to stand against evil as well as love those who are lost.

9. There will always be theological fads.
a. The Jesus movement
b. The 4 temperaments
c. The “seeker-sensitive” church
d. The prayer of Jabez
10. We cannot compare culture to TV programs.
a. “Friends”
b. “Survivor”

11. We cannot fit a whole generation in a box.

12. Instead of looking for a paradigm shift, we should examine the forces shaping the worldview of those 30 and below.




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