The Woman Soldier

29 11 2007

The role of women in the Army is often misunderstood and unnoticed. Its like they are invisible. Please accept my deep appreciation and respect on behalf of a grateful nation.

You have been tried by physical danger, threat of attack, pressure of deadlines, the heartache of being away from your children, and you have been found faithful. Your professionalism completes and exceeds any job sector in our society. You are soldiers and as such, you will never entertain the thought of being a hero. You are committed to duty. You are a viable part in serving the greater need of stopping evil and promoting freedom. Thank you for your service.

The TV program “American Idol” may judge others by their musical abilities, but none can match the integrity and dedication of the American woman in uniform. I wrote this poem for you.


(Dedicated to our women soldiers)

She stands upon life’s biggest stage;

Yet shies away from the lights;

But she’s the one, who lets you sleep,

Through dark and frieght’ning nights.

She’s mother, daughter, wife or friend,

Still ‘oft must bid adieu;

And travel to a hostile land,

To guard our freedom true.

She doesn’t feel that she’s a star,

Her mission’s not that sweet;

Yet when she stands among her peers,

There’s none who could compete.

She’s smart and brave and “Army Strong”,

With pride she wears the flag.

A soldier often overlooked,

But one for which we brag.

Professional and disciplined

With gratefulness we stand,

And cheer our idol on the stage,

The best in all the land!

God Bless, Pastor Dave




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