Iraq in the Bible

29 11 2007

As Americans, we know little about Iraq prior to the 1st Gulf War. Our surprise at the strength and tenacity of the insurgency is convincing proof that we just don’t see the big picture. Perhaps in an effort not to turn this into a “religious” war, we turn a blind eye toward Iraq’s biblical significance. Considering that Babylon, Babel, Ninevah, Chaldea, much of he Assyrian Empire, Mesopotamia, and Shinar are all names for the geographical location that we cal “Iraq”. It is the second most mentioned county in the Bible (Israel being the first).


* The location of the garden of Eden
* The cradle of all civilization
* The first recorded appearance of Satan
* Noah’s Ark was built there
* Nimrod built the tower of Babel
* Abraham was from Southern Iraq
* Jonah preached in Iraq
* Assyria (Iraq) conquered the 10 tribes of Israel
* Babylon (Iraq) destroyed Jerusalem
* Daniel’s lion dean was in Iraq
* The fiery furnace was in Iraq
* The “handwriting on the wall” was seen in Iraq
* The Jews were in captivity there for 10 years
* Ezekiel preached there
* The events of Esther took place there
* The wise men were from Iraq
* The last great world empire, ruled by the antichrist, is called “Babylon” (a city in Iraq)
* The land of Babylon is to “become a habitation of devils (demons)” Rev. 18:2
* The Euphrates River is the temporary prison for four very powerful demons Rev. 9:14

Perhaps the last two could explain the power and success of the insurgency. Perhaps this should alert us to two huge principles.

1. We neglect to see the bigger picture in Iraq.
It is a picture that spans the entire history of the earth. It is a picture of unseen forces and timeless conflicts. It is a picture that sees Iraq as an important Middle Eastern player; in its past, its present, and its future.

2. We minimize the spiritual weapon of prayer.
It is not politically correct to mix religion and war, but because of Iraq’s biblical significance, we are wise to include prayer. Our soldiers need the armor of prayer against the unseen forces just as they need body armor against the seen forces. Iraq goes so much deeper than politics – it always has, it always will.




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