Can You Hear Me Now? (part 1)

29 11 2007

When marriages go south, it is usually the result of communication failure. When I council (referee?) couples with marital problems, it often begins by rationally talking of their complaints; an exercise that never seems to happen at home. Teens need an understanding communication that is initiated and pursued by loving parents. This does not include screaming. Communication is such a huge issue; I would like to submit in a two-part series to encourage its practice. Briefly, let be begin by looking at some…

Hindrances To Open Communication

1. Failure to listen

We get absorbed by what we deem as important. We learn to only hear what we want to hear. We second uses and finish what we think they are saying. Maybe we just don’t want to listen!

2. Explosions of anger

Anger begets anger. If the other person hides their anger, they will carry resentment. Rage has never been a great communication skill. You may think you got the last word in, but you will also receive the last word from them.

3. Fears or control

When exercised by either gender, these characteristics will kill open communication. We should all try to learn self control over our natural tendencies and emotions.

4. Silence

Temporary silence to calm emotions is good, but prolonged silence is usually fueled by anger. Silence has never been an effective method to solve problems.

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Proverbs 25:11




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