The Seasoned Soldier

5 03 2007

The Seasoned Soldier
(Dedicated to Major Larry Scheetz, now serving in Iraq)

Enlisted as a volunteer, a duty to perform.
For the sake of common good, he wears the uniform.

Values burn within this soul and loyalty is strong.
Pride and honor for the flag, the Army is his song.

Seasoned by experience made wiser by mistakes.
He knows the book, yet sees beyond, his passion is not fake.

Disciplined to do his job, fatigued, he goes on still.
Yet notices the kids of war and seeks to spread goodwill.

No politics with ax to grind will ‘ere evade his lips.
Just grateful he’s protecting those, whose ax needs firmer grip.

The soldiers ‘neath his leadership are always on his mind
Their mission or their homesick heart will never be maligned.

Supported by the prayers of all, he asks those in the States,
To not forget the sacrifice of those who liberate.

With grit he holds the future tight while fighting those who hate;
And looks for peace within the world, for hope to escalate!

He’ll never die, just fade away, and leave his pedigree,
Part of a larger, nobler plan, to guard our liberty.

Dave Luther ‘07




One response

14 03 2007
Jessica Dazey

This is a nice poem pastor, it gets people to think about what the soliders over at Iraq.

By,Jessica Dazey

Ps. mom would like you to pray for us to get our own house, because we are living with someone right now.

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