8 02 2007

(PROV. 26:1-12)

The Bible is like a mirror; in many ways we look into it and see ourselves. Like most mirrors, we need to look into it and correct that which we do not like. Other people may try to bring attention to that which the mirror would have revealed, but we usually resent such advice.
May I introduce to you, “the fool”? He is not the court jester or someone who thinks they are the class clown. This is a person who God finds little to laugh about; they are not “cute”. Everyone is born a fool. “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child” (Prov. 22:15). Balanced discipline and good parenting will “drive it far from him”. It is natural to be a fool, that’s why we have so many of them! Biblically, what are some of his characteristics?

Marks of a Fool (all from Proverbs)
1. Fools despise instruction (1:7)
They may go through the motions of learning, but a fool despises to be taught. They feel like they know enough to get by. All instruction goes in one ear and out the other.
2. Fools hate knowledge (1:29)
They not only hate the process of learning through instructors, they hate learning. They are satisfied with their ignorance and are not interested in study, books, or even the facts.
3. Fools make a game of doing wrong (10:23)
It is a challenge from a fool to see how much he could get away with, without being caught. It is fun to see if they can outsmart authority or push the patience of authority to a breaking point.
4. A fool is unwilling to consider the possibility that he might be wrong (12:15)
A fool’s pride will not permit him to be objective about his own ideas and opinions. Even if he is proven to be wrong, he won’t admit it. He denies guilt, blames others, and will seldom say, “I’m sorry”.
5. A fool is not ashamed of his anger (12:16)
He is not afraid to display his anger in front of anyone. He may even pride himself at tearing down the character of others with his verbal barrage of crudeness. He may admit a temper, but it does not bother him, it’s part of his defense to protect his folly.
6. Fools are masters of deceit (14:8)
Fools are devoted to dishonesty and it is unusually unwise to trust one. It’s safer to automatically assume that a fool is lying. The “folly of fools” is a superlative like, “greatest of the great”. A fool’s greatest weapon is deception. With deceit he manipulates others so that he could get his own way.
7. A fool thinks sin is amusing (14:9)
He never takes sin seriously. He may even laugh when others sin or jokes about it with desensitized conscience. He never sees sin as a cause for repentance, unless he gets caught.
8. Fools are hotheads and reckless (14:6)
A fool plunges into something evil, without thinking or seeking advice, because he feels that his decision is justified. They display a short fuse if anyone challenges his decision. By the way, if you have a short fuse, you are acting like a fool (14:7).
9. A fool is a grief to his parents (17:25)
A fool may know that his behavior brings disapproval from his parents, but doesn’t much care. You see, they have their own life to live! A fool is so hung up on himself that his parent’s feelings rarely enter his mind, let alone his heart.
10. A fool’s ought often gets him in trouble (18:6,7)
His “mouth calleth for strokes”. He uses sharp words that often incite others to the point of violence. A fool thinks whatever he says, needs to be said. Let the chips fall where they may.

If you looked into the mirror of God’s Word and say yourself, welcome to the club. If something needs corrected, then admit it. Everyone else can see your foolishness, but you will probably resent hearing about it from them.




2 responses

17 05 2007
Sarah Davis

Pastor, I still have those notes written inside my Bible where you preached that message at Faith. I look at it often and reread it. I really miss those lessons that you taught. Sarah

29 12 2007
David Spay II

I just wanted to check in and say you have a nice website. See you Sunday at Christ Memorial Baptist Church

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