How to Raise A Rebel II

1 02 2007

How to Raise A Rebel II

5. Punish only when you are angry
This is the law of sowing and reaping. If you sow anger as the dominant adult role model, you will reap anger in your children; probably in the teen years. Sometimes you are angry with the child! When in that position it is best to put time between the “crime” and the punishment.
6. Do not let them make any decisions
Be aware, there are some decisions that a child living at home should NOT make. But you are the boss; you allow them to make no decisions! A wise parent will teach principles and set boundaries. Allow them to make decisions within those boundaries. As they get older, expand the boundaries and allow them to make decisions, even if it is a bad one. There is nothing worse than a 5’2” mom telling a 6’4” boy what to wear!
7. Rebuke them public
In fact, do it in front of a friend, they “have it coming”. Let everyone know that you are in charge. You will be well on your way to raising a rebel!
8. Be hypocritical about behavior
Teach them one thing, and then do another. Teach them to work hard, then lay around on the couch and exercize your giftedness in using the remote. Teach them to treat people with kindness, but let them hear you call the driver in front a “#!?*## idiot”. Teach them to respect the teacher, and then you run down the boss, or the police, or the preacher. Teach them to tell the truth, but make sure you lie about their age when you are at the gate of a theme park.
9. Do not express your love to them
It’s easy to do when they are babies, but as they grow we feel they need more discipline than affection. If you want to raise a rebel, let them never hear, “I love you”; never tell them how proud you are of them. I understand that when they are teens, you may have to be more creative and discrete about expressing your love. There is nothing more discouraging to a 16 year old than seeing two 40 years lips coming at them in a puckered position!
10. Treat them like your little baby
Be an enabler, never let them fail on their own, finish tasks they should be doing. In public, make sure you are critical of something trivial.
11. Allow them free access to video games and music
It could promote violence, abuse, murder, sex, foul language or belittle people of faith. As long as it keeps them busy and they keep it turned down so that they will not bother your important activities. You will have a rebel before you know it!
12. Never admit you are wrong
Never let them hear you say, “I am sorry”. Always exhibit a god-like superiority. Make excuses for your mistakes and blame someone else. Perhaps you could turn it around and blame them!

Of course, I am using sarcasm; I DO want your children to become responsible adults. They really are worth the investment!




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