How To Raise A Rebel

29 01 2007

How To Raise A Rebel
(Eph. 6:1-4)

Teens get a lot of grief from clueless observers about their attitude, laziness, defiance of authority, tattoos, piercing, love of violent video games, rudeness, etc., etc., etc. I propose that there are underlying factors that could come into play.

One of the greatest investments we have in life is that of our children. They are the most valuable possession that we have. When they are older, they have the potential of making you very proud; or they will break your heart, disowning you all together. For the most part, the outcome depends upon good parenting, or the lack thereof.

The Scripture (Ephesians 6:4) tells fathers to “provoke not your children to wrath” (don’t turn them into a rebel). It reminds us to bring them up in the nurture (discipline and punishment) and admonition (encouragement and wise advice) of the Lord. Parents need a balance of the nurture and the admonition. If you are frustrated in this task, you are not alone. Parenting is not for wimps! Someone has said, “Before I got married I had 6 theories of bringing up children; now I have 6 children and no theories”.

Allow me to become the devil’s advocate and share some advice on how to raise a rebel. The best time to start is way before the teen years come.

1. Scream at them
They will lose respect of you as you lose control of your anger. Displaying rage is a great way to teach them rage. Not controlling your emotions is a great excuse for them to likewise lose control. Besides, their only defense is to retreat to their room and shut the door. This will break all communication.
2. Criticize their authorities
If a child gets in trouble at school, always believe their side of the story. Trash the integrity of their authority right in from of them. This will give him ammunition to take pot shots at other authority, eventually expressing disrespect for all authority.
3. Put an end to their plans without giving a reason
Say this- “You don’t need to know, you just need to do!” That is true enough, but as a child gets older, they really need to know. They may disagree or not understand your reason, but it will strengthen your relationship if you take the time to explain and entertain their feedback. If you want to raise a rebel, dominate them and argue with them if they do not see things as you do.
4. Be inconsistent with punishment
Go ahead, play favorites with the children, or punish them differently for the same offense. You will raise a rebel! Kids are okay with rules; they have a problem with unfair or lax enforcement.





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